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About UEI

UEI offers a unique and powerful combination and variety of voice & data, network and electrical solutions, for businesses, military and government agencies. Using the links to your left, you can find a "UEI Solution" to whatever your needs might be, big or small.

UEI’s mission is to be the leading provider of technology infrastructure solutions to businesses and the military while consistently maintaining our core values on every job, with every client, at all times.

Quality...Integrity...Value: the core values of UEI.


UEI intentionally sets our standards high. To us (and our clients) quality is defined as delivering service excellence, delivering it on time and delivering it reliably. We continually challenge ourselves to attain the highest level of performance on new and diverse opportunities.


For more than 20 years UEI has established a reputation as a partner who does business with honesty, integrity and respect for everyone. This includes our clients, our employees and our affiliated business partners. We value the people we work with at each level and pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct.


This means exceeding client expectations with the quality of our work and the performance of our team. UEI believes strongly in the value of teamwork with our employees, clients and business partners.